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This Book contains the report of a research work carried out to study the effects of drying temperature, blanching temperature and duration on the drying rate, nutritional and sensory qualities of 'poundo' yam, with a view to obtain the optimum combination of processing parameters for the best quality of 'poundo' yam. The 'poundo' yam was produced from white yam (Dioscorea rotundata) using an experimental dryer. Three levels of drying temperatures, blanching temperatures and durations were considered. The production of pounded yam (a native delicacy of Africa) is tedious and energy consuming. There is little or no data on the production process of the available alternative ('Poundo' Yam). The production of this product requires some important technical information such as optimum drying and blanching parameters, so that necessary nutritional value of the product can be maintained during processing. This book provides such technical data for the present and prospective investors that would have relied on "trial and error" method in processing of yam to 'poundo' yam. Therefore, it is a useful tool for establishment of small and medium scale industries.
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