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Much has been written about the reform of the United Nations, particularly its Security Council. However, there has been no research on Africa’s demand for a permanent seat on the UN Security Council. Most of the writing has focused on the jostling for permanent seats on the UN Security Council by a plethora of states, with Africa’s demand portrayed as an afterthought. Africa is demanding a permanent seat on the UN Security Council to enable it to effectively contribute to the peacekeeping and conflict resolutions of the UN Security Council, whose agenda is dominated by African issues. This book interrogates the problems inherent in the exclusion of Africa from UN Security Council permanent membership and the significance of Africa’s inclusion therein. Since the Charter of the UN does not have a known criteria for the selection of UN Security Council permanent members, this book makes recommendations on how UN Security Council permanent membership should be attained; the processes that Africa should undertake to secure permanent membership of the UN Security Council and the criteria to be used in selecting its permanent representatives in the UN Security Council.
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