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Human trafficking has become a global concern as the number of people involved in it has been increasing. It became the third largest source of income, following illegal firearms and drug trafficking. Children and women in the developing world stand more vulnerable and the trend has been significantly increasing in Ethiopia. Investigation of the situation of child trafficking from Gamo Highland areas to Addis Ababa,thus,looks relevant. The qualitative and quantitative data collected and the analysis discloses three categories of factors, precipitating child trafficking in the areas: pushing, pulling and intermediate. The process of relocating children is complex and clandestine,involving relatives of children like parents, uncles and aunts, brothers and sisters, guardians/grandparents and less frequently, neighbours, brokers and friends;it happens either by force or consent, or directly or indirectly. It becomes seasonal and the routes of transportation remain invisible. Children become preys both on the transit and at destination. Therefore,a combined effort of professionals and practitioners is needed for comprehensive understanding of the issue.

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