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Since knowledge management is almost new to the hospitality industry, this book aims at being an introductory tool of knowledge management to hospitality managers. There is a seamless flow between parts from the introduction to knowledge management to the final practical application of the proposed business model. It brushes on knowledge management concepts that are frequently cited, including concepts that were useful in formulating a model for knowledge management strategy for hospitality. The Process-Oriented Strategic Knowledge Management Business Model is an initiative to push forward strategic knowledge management in the hospitality industry. It was built on the belief that a knowledge management strategy that is linked to the strategic business goals of a hotel will be very effective in improving performance on all levels of organization. With respect to the knowledge management business model, this book builds on previous research and seeks to cover questions that were left unanswered. Issues such as measuring knowledge management value to track the implementation of the model and the factors that support or impede its implementation have been discussed in detail.

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