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With PWM fuzzy control in charging the charge efficiency is improved a lot; Using large-diameter wire teminal can fit the wire which max size is 6mm2 conductor spacing: 9.5mm to enhance the insulation performance and installation reliability; Parameter si set to power-down save function the system model and control parameters and other inportant data are stored inside the chip after power is not lost to make the adjustment more convenient more reliable system; Working temperature: -35~55'C (industrial grade); Temperature compensation: -5mv/'C / 2V; Charging voltage: 14.4V (hold time: 30min); Floating charge voltage: 13.6V; No-load loss: </= 6mA; Intelligent control is realized by using microprocessor and dedicated control calculation; With over-charge over-discharge short circuit and so on full automatic control; Using 2 digital LEDs display and settings one-button operation to complete all of the settings intuitive and easy to use.
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