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A brand new series from Insight brings you the Smart Guide to St Petersburg. The unique and innovative A-Z format of Smart Guides allows you to plan your trip according to your own personal taste. Themed headings cover over 400 amazing things to see and do, including hotels, museums, fashion, banyas, restaurants, language, shopping, palaces and much more, for a truly tailor-made, individual travel experience. Area overviews conveniently highlight the best each district has to offer, from Nevsky Prospekt - the heart of the city, to Vasilievsky Island and beyond. The front-cover flap highlights all the top sights, such as Palace Square and the fountains of Peterhof, whilst the back-cover flap provides useful Russian phrases and essential travel information. The guide also contains a metro plan and comprehensive street atlas with full index and detailed mapping which is cross-referenced to the main text for ease of use. Smart Guides - The smart way to navigate.
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