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In okra, a number of varieties have been developed which possess resistance to Yellow Vein Mosaic Virus (YVMV). Little attention has been given to breed varieties resistant to shoot and fruit borer, which is one of the serious insect- pests and causes 41.60 per cent losses in different parts of India. However, according to earlier workers, Earias species infestation may reach as high as 60.68 per cent. Further, control strategies for this pest are exclusively based on the chemicals that are harmful in view of frequent harvesting of fruits (2-3 times a week). The injudicious use of pesticides for controlling the pest also poses serious health problems by polluting the environment. Development of resistant/tolerant varieties/hybrids against the pest appears to be eco-friendly and the safest viable alternative.Therefore, ten highly/ fairly resistant and less susceptible genotypes found under natural infestation conditions were used as females in line x tester mating design. Among various genotypes EC-169513, EC-329424 and EC-7194 were identified as highly resistant against shoot and fruit borer and can further be utilized in resistant breeding programme after confirming the resistance

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