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Diatone NAZE32(B) Thin 6DF Flight Controller REV6(B) STM32 F103 Supports Baseflight For RC Multirotors Description: Based on the original NAZE32 REV6, the NAZE32 Thin connect method use sockets instead of Pin Header to reduce the product volume, suitable for size less than 200mm Mini Multirotors, and can install more equipment in the limited space at the same time. Features: Just 4.5mm thickness Reserved Naze32 Rev6 all function Battery voltage monitoring Built-in FrSky telemetry converter Modern 32-bit processor (STM32 F103) running at 3.3V/72MHz. Onboard USB for setup and configuration Modern GUI for all operating systems, Baseflight Configurator Note: If you do not have a CPPM enabled Receiver, you will also need to purchase the RC Breakout Cable. Specifications: Six-Axis: MPU6500 Compass: NO Barometer: NO Size: 36*36mm Weight: 5 grams Package included: 1 x Naze32 Rev6(B) Thin 6DF Flight Controller 5 x Wire
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