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The global financial markets are not just driven by the big investment houses and fund managers. Along with these, private banks, insurance houses, hedge funds, sovereign wealth funds and a range of boutique investment managers, regional institutions and brokers of different sizes and nationalities all operate and interact to form the bedrock of the global financial infrastructure. Because of this, it is essential that practitioners and observers of the markets fully understand the linkages, objectives and functions of these institutions, and the new and dynamic environment they are working in. Market Players provides a complete roadmap to the institutions and intermediaries operating in today's global financial landscape, illustrating what they are, how they work, how they interact and importantly, their motivation. It explains the core financial market business of these institutions and considers how they have become the firms that we see today, providing readers with a clear understanding of which market sectors are likely to see the most involvement from the different types of institution and, importantly, why they are involved in these market areas. Key features include: a series of case studies looking at examples of some of these institutions including an explanation of the EIB and the UK agency UKFI. They also look at the financial crisis and the impact on AIG and Northern Rock, two institutions that clearly illustrate what can go wrong and how the other market players have to step in when this happens. an international perspective looking at representative institutions from Europe, Asia and North America, showing global similarities and differences. a Post Financial Crisis perspective on the structure of international banks in today's markets. coverage of the major players on both the buy and sell side of the market Written in plain English, Market Players is an accessible and much needed guide to financial institutions, equipping readers with the knowledge to better understand how the global financial markets really work.
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