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This book examines the labour market experiences of immigrants from the former Soviet Union during the 1990s in Israel and compares them with the experiences of other immigrants in Israel. The labour market outcomes of different groups of immigrants are compared both cross-sectionally and over the time. The study demonstrates that since the 1990s the patterns of the labour market integration of new immigrants in Israel changed considerably, and their socio-economic outcomes become less related to their ethnic origin and more to their tenure in Israel. The study examines the integration of immigrants into a society which is already ethnically mixed and stratified, and analyses the impact that the presence of new immigrants has on the labour market outcomes of different ethnic groups of the Israeli population. The study also considers how the changes in the characteristics of the host country’s economy and state policy towards immigrants’ integration affect the labour market outcomes of immigrants and discusses how the introduction of non-standard forms of employment and the subsequent labour market segmentation affected the modes of the new immigrants’ integration in Israel.

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