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Idioms Organiser is the most comprehensive idioms practice book for intermediate and more advanced students. Suitable for use in class or for self-study, it makes learning easier by organising this difficult area of English in three ways: Metaphors such as business is war, life is a journey. Topics including the family, holidays, dreams, health. Key Words including all, way, know, point, life, line. Contents: 110 two-page units plus 4 review units. Over 1800 idioms practiced. Comprehensive index of idiomatic expressions. Full answer key. Units contain: At least 16 common idioms per unit. Exercises to contextualise each idiom. A revision exercise. Idioms Organiser is the ideal practice book for all students preparing for the FCE, CAE, Proficiency, and TOEFL exams. It really will help all intermediate and advanced students make their English more natural. Формат: 19 см x 24,5 см.
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