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Seminar paper from the year 2009 in the subject English Language and Literature Studies - Linguistics, grade: 1,3, Saarland University (Anglistik, Amerikanistik und Anglophone Kulturen), course: Practical Explorations into Politeness, language: English, abstract: In this paper, I will attempt an investigation of the rules of communication that count for web logs. To be more specific, I will concentrate on how face-deconstruction is organized within web logs.To facilitate cognition, research project and paper are organized along the following lines:First, I will set up a framework for the research project. In other words, I will provide a suitable definition for the object of investigation. Furthermore, I will state on which web log I concentrate on. I will also describe this particular web log and clarify whether this web log is fit for investigation or not. Moreover, I will determine time range and the scope of investigation. Secondly, I will provide the necessary concepts, ideas and define the relevant key-words.Thirdly, I will develop a line of thought and a taxonomy which allows the classification of different types of face-deconstruction.Step four consists of an application of this taxonomy to the corpus of data. Finally, I will conclude this paper with a short summary of my findings. The appendix I intend to provide contains the examples that were relevant to this research project and which thus show how face-deconstruction is organized within web logs.

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