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River basin has always been a center for attraction in geopolitics. On a geopolitical space river seems to be one of the important feature which characterizes the relations among surrounding states. In the form of boundary or in terms of water resource utility, rivers always play a central thematic role in geopolitical relationship of nation-states. The location and the path of movement of river demarcate the levels of importance in shaping the geopolitical structure of nations. If the flow of river is restricted within the boundary of state its importance would be regional, or national, but location of river near the international boundary or river itself demarcate as a boundary then its importance increased as international. This work aims to investigate the geopolitical issues related to River Basin of Africa in general and Niger River Basin in particular.The sources of disputes in Niger River basin also vary from ecology, economics, and political psychology; finance sharing, resource utility, cultural anthropology and geopolitics.clashes of interest are inevitable in the region where newly independent countries are struggling with acute socio-economic and political problems.

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