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Excerpt from Elements of Machine DesignThis book is the outgrowth of the experience of the authors in teaching Machine Design to engineering students in Sibley College, Cornell University. It presupposes a knowledge of Mechanism and Mechanics of Engineering. While the former subject is a logical part of Machine Design, it may be, and usually is, for convenience, treated separately and in advance of that portion of the subject which treats of the proportioning of machine parts so that they will withstand the loads applied. The same logical order is usually followed in actual designing, as it is, ordinarily, necessary and convenient to outline the mechanism before proportioning the various members.With the mechanism determined, the remainder of the work of designing a machine consists of two distinct parts:(a) Consideration of the energy changes in the machine, and the maximum forces resulting therefrom.(b) Proportioning the various parts to withstand these forces. This logical procedure, and the fundamental principles underlying the first part (a), are seldom made clear to the student, in works of this character; and such information as is given on energy transformation in machines is, in general, that relating to special cases or types. A thorough understanding of these general principles is, however, in most cases, essential to successful design, since a consideration of the machine as a whole necessarily precedes consideration of details. A very brief discussion of typical ...
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