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Features A professional, complete biometric identification device for both access control and staff attendance time clock. Fingerprint/password/ID card three ways identification. Advanced finger induction, fast response and sensitive identification. Can work either as standalone or by connecting to a computer PC. Networking: linked to PC server via TCP/IP or RS232/RS485. 500 fingerprints and 30,000 transactions capacity, can be used as attendance time clock. Easy installation and connectivity with Wiegand output. You can set the door to open at different time and by certain number of people. It will raise an alarm when someone tries to destroy it or wrongly close/open the door or violates the pre-programmed instructions in the console. Widely used in office buildings, offices, security systems, building access and other access control surface, ideal for access control system. Specifications LCD Screen Size 500 x 380 User capacity 500 Transaction capacity 30,000 Verification method ID card, fingerprint, password Communication RS232, RS485, TCP, IP Material metal Identification time
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