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hightek hk 4t1vku 4 ports kvm switcher 4 vga in 1 vga out kvm switch box купить по лучшей цене

The 4-Port USB KVM Switch lets you control four USB-enabled computers using a single keyboard, mouse and VGA monitor. It works with computers that use USB connections for the keyboard and mouse and a VGA connection for the display. The USB KVM Switch supports high-quality video resolution of up to 2048 x 1536. It comes with 4 sets of built-in USB KVM combo cable, providing everything needed for quick installation to provide a complete, out-of-box KVM solution. This 4-Port KVM Switch is perfect for those of you who work with more than one computer simultaneously and don't want the clutter of four keyboards, mouse and screens. Feature 4-Port KVM Switch Let you share a monitor, keyboard and mouse with up to four computers, saving space on your desk and reducing equipment clutter. USB and VGA Support The KVM Switch works with computers that feature standard USB connections for input devices and VGA for display output. VGA resolution of up to 2048 x 1536 is supported, making this a great solution even for large displays. Comes with Remote Port Selector Remote Port Selector provides a simple and quick method of selecting computers. This allows the KVM Switch to be hidden from sight, while the remote port selector can be placed conveniently on the desktop. Hot-Key and Push-Button Switching The switch allows you to change computers via pre-programmed hot-keys or via push-buttons. This allows you to easily change from one computer to the other. Plug-And-Play Simply connect the cables to the computers, no software or drivers required. Specification Type USB KVM Switch Max Computer Connection 4 PC Connectors 4 x USB, 4 x VGA Monitor Console Connectors 2 x USB, 1 x VGA Monitor Video Resolution 2048 x 1536 Port Selection Hot-Key, Push Button, Remote Port Selector Enclosure Type Metal Cable Length 5ft(1.5m) System Requirements Computer with USB and VGA interfaces, USB Keyboard, USB Mouse, VGA Monitor Power Source USB-Powered Unit Dimension 10L x 8W x 2H cm Package Included 1 x 4-Port KVM Switch with USB KVM Cable, 1 x Remote Port Selector, 1 x Instruction Manual Package Size 22L x 12W x 10H cm Weight 710g
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