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Dear friends, we have the honor to present to your attention an exciting and most complete video tour dedicated to the 300-th anniversary of the State Museum-preserve «Tsarskoye Selo»CATHERINE'S PALACE: Main staircase, Antechambers, Great Hall, Chevalier's dining room, White State dining room, Raspberry and Green Pillar rooms, Portrait hallAMBER ROOM: Picture hall,Small white dining room, Green dining room, Steward's room, State Blue room, Chinese Blue room, Pre-choir's room, Bedroom of Maria Feodorovna, Rooms of Carvings and Paintings,State study of Alexander I. THERMAL'S BY CAMERON: Cameron's Gallery, Hanging Gardens, pavilion Cold Bath, Rampant. CATHERINE'S PARK: Park sculptures, Great Pond, pavilion Hermitage, pavilion Grotto, pavilion Pyramid, pavilion Hermitage Kitchen, Admiralty, Chesme Column, Morea column, Cahul obelisk, Orlof's Gates, Tower the Ruin, Gothic gates, pavilion Turkish bath, Gates «То my beloved colleagues, Palladium Bridge, Turkish cascade, Private Gardens, Granite Terrace, Fountain «Milkmaid».ALEXANDER'S PARK: Landscapes of the park, Dragon's bridge, Large Chinese bridge, Cross shape arbor, Small Chinese bridge, Chinese village, Big and Small Caprices. Hall White Tower, pavilion Chapel, pavilion Arsenal, Children's House. ALEXANDER'S PALACE: Exhibition rooms at Alexandra Feodorovna palace part (Bedroom, Purple Room Maple and Rosewood living rooms' Corner room of Alexandra Feodorovna Reception room of Nicholas II State study of Nicholas " Quareng...

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