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Anton Chekhov was a master of the short story. The son of a formerserf in southern Russia, he attended Moscow University to studymedicine, writing short stories for periodicals in order to support hisfamily. What began as a necessity became a legitimate career in 1886when he was asked to write in St. Petersburg for the Novoye Vremya(New Times), owned by millionaire magnate Alexey Suvorin. Chekhovbegan paying more attention to his writing, revising and developinghis own principles and conceptions of truth, for a time comingunder the influence of Leo Tolstoy. As a result of his widespread popularity,Chekhov amassed a vast collection of short stories displayingan early use of stream-of-consciousness writing, as well as his powerfulideas concerning the individual, the tedium of life, and the beautynature and humanity. “Selected Stories of Anton Chekhov” includingmany of the author’s greatest shorter works.

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