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This makeup brush cleaner set is designed for quickly removing makeup residue and germs from your cosmetic brushes, keeping brushes clean and prolonging their lifespan. Features Made from high grade materials, durable for long terms use. Comes with different sizes of rubber collars, suitable for different brushes. Clean makeup brushes in seconds without damaging, remove the nasty bacteria, oil, dirt, and dead skin which are clinging to your makeup brushes, bring you cleaner, healthier skin. Simple to use, only 3 easy steps: First: Attach the brush to the spinner. Second: Pour water and soap into the bowl. Third: Spin to rinse. Battery operated. Specifications Material Plastic Power Battery(not included) Package Contents 1 x Main Device, 8 x Rubber Collars, 1 x Collar Stand, 1 x Spindle, 1 x Washing Bowl, 1 x User Manual
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