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Pesticide Poisoning Monitoring Using the Quantum Resonance Analyzer is intended to inform and educate users of chemical pesticide and consumers of fruits and vegetables on the negative effects of chemical pesticides. Chapter one attempts to trace the sources of fruits and vegetables in Africa and Ghana. The high demand of fruits and vegetables has led to the use of chemical pesticides in Ghana and most parts of Africa. In chapter two, the use of chemical pesticide is justified. The health hazards associated with the use of chemical pesticides is also reviewed from literature. A government and private sector intervention to curb the hazards of chemical pesticides is further explained. An alternative use of chemical pesticides in the control of pesticides has also been looked at. In chapter three the study area indicating the Tono irrigation dam at Navrongo, Ghana and the Quantum resonance magnetic analyzer was discussed. The results and discussion have being looked at simultaneously in chapter four which saw the consumption of vegetables and fruits exposed to chemical pesticides as potentially very dangerous. Chapter five provides some conclusion and recommendations to all readers.

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