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This Harman / Kardon SOHOIINC In-ear Headphone is featured of automatically noise reduction function, with one-key-wired-control mic, which allows you to switch easily when phone calls coming and ensure the communication effect. Human ergonomic earbuds which is comfortable and anti-slid for long-time wearing. Built-in Micro USB port that allows for charging, very convenient. Automatically Noise Reduction + One-key-wired-control Mic: Easily switch while phone calls, ensure communication quality. 35 hours endurance time under full charging. FreebitTM human ergonomic earbuds: Comfortable wearing for long-time and anti-slid. Specifications Brand Harman / Kardon Model SOHOIINC Type Wired Frequency Range 12-24000Hz Mic YES Earphone Plug 3.5mm Cable Length 1m Package Weight 30g Package Size 16L x 7W x 3H cm Package 1 x SOHOIINC earphone
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