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Happy Street is a two-level course for children starting English at the beginning of the school system. Together with songs, chants, games, and listening activities, Happy Street 1 offers an accessible introduction to reading and writing and is suitable for use either as the children's first contact with English or after an oral-aural introduction. Happy Street Components • The Class Book uses appealing songs, chants, and stories for language presentation, with oral and reading practice and extension activities. The Colin in Computerland adventure stories provide stimulating opportunities for language revision and functional language presentation, and children encounter a rich variety of material in the Extended Reading sections. • The Activity Book offers a wide range of aural and written practice activities consolidating vocabulary and structures taught in the Class Book, and provides clear models for personalization. Rhyme Time recycles vocabulary to give a memorable pronunciation focus, and children keep a record of their learning as they answer Quizzy's Questions. • The Cassettes/CDs contain all the songs, chants, stories, and listening activities from the Class Book and Activity Book, and listening material for the photocopiable tests in the Teacher's Book. • The Teacher's Book provides full, clear teaching notes with suggestions for further activities, and 3 photocopiable tests. • The Teacher's Resource Pack contains a poster for use in the classroom, 64 colour flashca...

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