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01. Opening Credits / Vorspann / Generique 02. Prelude / Vorspiel / Prelude Act Owe 03. "Suzy, Little Suzy, Now Listen With Care" [Gretel, Hansel)04. "All Right! And Now If You'll Stop Complaining" (Gretel, Hansel) 05. "Hansel, Come And Dance With Me" (Gretel, Hansel) 06. "Hansel!" - "Dread! It's Mother!" (Mother, Hansel, Gretel)07. "Oh, Why Do They Always Make Me Angry?" (Mother) 08. "Tra La La La! Mother, Now At Last I'm Here" (Father, Mother) 09. "But Wait! I Don't See The Children" (Father, Mother) 10. "There's A Witch Who Lives In The Wood Alone" (Father, Mother) 11. The Witch's Ride / Der Hexenritt / La Chevauchee De La Sorciere 12. "Now Once Upon A Time In The Wood Alone" (Gretel, Hansel)13. "Gretel, I Think We're Really Lost" (Hansel, Gretel)14. "When Night Comes Softly Creeping" (Sandman, Hansel, Gretel) 15. "Now I Lay Me Down To Sleep" (Gretel, Hansel) 16. Pantomime Act Two 17. Prelude 18. "I'm Wide Awake Each Morning" (Dewfairy) 19. "Where Am I? Dreaming?" (Gretel, Hansel) 20. "Stay There! Don't Move!" (Gretel, Hansel) 21. "Nibble Nibble Mousey" (Witch, Hansel, Gretel) 22. "Scat! You Gobbling Mousey" (Gretel, Hansel, Witch)23. "Вrrrrr! Hocus Pocus, Witches' Curse!" (Witch) 24. "Now Gretel, You Must Stay Here Like That" [Witch, Gretel, Hansel) 25. "My Old Broomstick, You Must Be Quick" (Witch) 26. "Come, Wake Up, My Little Dunce!" (Witch, Gretel, Hansel)27. "Hurray! We're Free, We Broke The Charm" (Hansel, Gretel)28. "We Are Safe! We Are Free!" (Chorus, Gretel, Han...

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