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hand press manual powered traveller s mini sewing machine купить по лучшей цене

User manual: installed on 4 x AA batteries (not included); standby: hold the machine with the right hand four fingers the thumb naturally on top of the fuselage cover hold steady overall; threading: there is a map for your reference; feeding: lift the load plate with the right index finger will be ready to be sewn into the fabric flat plate the plate gently pressed against the fabric back; sewing operation: with the left hand holding the fabric right thumb and gently press the ground quickly feed mechanism automatically will be sent to the left holding sewing machine does not move his right hand so that the machine themselves into the fabric keeping the left hand to control the direction of the cloth suture line sewing until the end this function automatically into the fabric and adjust the tightness between pins; knots: single-machine to sew finished knotted; line group: direct pull be careful not spring out such as for large coils can be connected to the pole with a spare spool shaft set into a large group and then re-stringing wire elastic lines were adjusted sewing; needle exchange: loosen the screws remove the needle and put on a new needle
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