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Quatermain and Umslopogaas embark on more adventuresThis is volume seven, the final book of the Leonaur complete adventures of Allan Quatermain, H. Rider Haggard's famous adventurer, guide, trader and big game hunter-the consummate white man on the Dark Continent of the nineteenth century. This volume contains four shorter stories as well as the seventeenth adventure, 'Allan and the Ice Gods' and the eighteenth, Nada the Lily. Both, predictably encompass all the vital ingredients that make a Quatermain story such compulsive reading. Haggard also devoted a novel to the origins and early adventures of Quatermain's stalwart Zulu warrior companion, the mighty Umslopogaas. Although the tale only references Quatermain its principal character is an essential and important component of the Quatermain saga and so his story deserves its place in this collection. Readers will also be delighted to learn that 'Nada the Lily' is highly regarded in the Haggard canon and will deliver a satisfying, riveting and exciting read in its own right.

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