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Application:Arduino Mega2650 Application Smart home or Robotic control and GSM Communications Mega2560 product peculiarity :Learning board; development board Specification: Operating Voltage: 5V; Input Voltage (recommended): 7~12V; Input Voltage (limits): 6~20V; Digital I/O Pins: 54 (of which 14 provide PWM output); Analog Input Pins: 16; DC Current per I/O Pin: 40mA; DC Current for 3.3V Pin: 50mA; Flash Memory: 256 KB of which 8 KB used by bootloader; SRAM: 8 KB; EEPROM: 4 KB; Clock Speed: 16 MHz Other: Power supply design Arduino Mega power supply system there are two options the USB power supply directly or external power supply. The choice of power supply will automatically switch. The external power supply can choose AC - to - DC adapter or battery the limits of the control panel for the 6 v to 12 v voltage range but if the voltage is less than 6 v I/O mouth may not be able to provide to 5 v voltage so will appear unstable; If the voltage is greater than 12 v voltage stabilizer will likely overheating protection are more likely to damage the Arduino MEGA. Therefore suggested operating power supply of 6.5~12V recommend the power is 7V or 12V. Improved many aspects of New Arduino Mega2650 1: More powerfully power supply. Arduino uses FT232RL 3.3V output maxium output current is less than 100mA while Lseeduino uses 1117-3.3 as power supply maxium current is 800mA. Arduino only provide 500ma 5V power supply Lseeduino changes LDO to DC DC can provide maximum 2A 5V power supply. 2: Better LED indication. Arduino indicators will be hided when there is an extension board and could not see the indicator of PWR TX & RX. Lseeduino moves the indicator at the edge of the board even there is an extension board you can see all of them. 3: Easier to press the RESET button. Arduino RESET button will be hided when insert the extension board and could not resent the main board. While Lseeduino move the RESET button at the edge and could be reached at any time. 4: Resettable Fuse. This version designed inresettable fuse. When user attached too many devices or short-circuits it could protect the USB hub efficiently and could recover in normal after debugging . SIM900 product peculiarity :All components are SMT decreasing the power consumption. A product for Arduino that works with official Arduino boards. GSM 900 GSM/GPRS Shield expansion board For Arduino EFCom wireless Description: GPRS Shield-EFCom expansion board is GSM/GPRS wireless module of a serial. The purpose is to let For Arduino enthusiasts to develop learning GSM/GPRS mobile phone quickly and can apply to wireless development project and also suitable for the remote control development such as wireless meter reading system intelligent home appliances remote control. EFCom is compatible with Freaduino and standard Arduin development board all. EFCom is a 4 frequency of GPRS/GSM module and supports 4 types of band 850/900/1800/1900MHz can send SMS messages telephone fax and so on all GPRS mobile phone functions. EFCom can make you very quickly understand the development process of mobile phone and wireless development. EFCom based on SIM900 is a patch type GSM/GPRS integrated single chip using the ARM926EJ-S kernel build enthusiasts and learning to use the integrated development environment of the small. EFCom through the UART serial port using the configuration setting AT instruction only needs to be extended board is inserted into the Lseeduino board use AT commands to control the EFCom you can easily call send text messages...... In addition EFCom support LCD5110 display (the default hair Bluetooth backlight is inserted in the EFCom below effect diagram) and serial Keypad keyboard input. Board set the boot Button hardware software and hardware boot (D10) RestButton Rest (D9) allows software and For Arduino spirit and use meet all kinds of both hard and soft boot or boot is hard or soft restart restart DIY. Through the two jump to take to the D0-D3 you can choose EFCom and For Arduino communication mode is: software serial port (jump to take to D2 D3) or hardware serial port (D0 D1). Three kinds of work mode of EFCom: Short Message Service short message service model Audio music mode GPRS mode Function characteristics: Fully compatible with Lseeduino/for arduino and Mega2560 development board series Select the hardware serial communication serial free (D0/D1) or software serial port (D2/D3) and the main means of communication SIM900 all IC all set aside not only the UART port DEBUG port GPIO port and KEY all PANEL interface Onboard super capacitor ensure that RTC work At the same time supporting the hardware switch machine supporting the hardware reset 4 frequency bandwidth 850/ 900/ 1800/ 1900 MHz EFCom power supply 5V Size: 68.33x53.09mm (like the for Arduino UNO size) GPRS multi-slot class 10/8 GPRS mobile station class B Compliant to GSM phase 2/2+ 4 - Class (2 W @850/ 900 MHz) Class 1 (1 W @ 1800/1900MHz) Control via AT commands (GSM 7.07 7.05 and SIMCOM enhanced AT Commands) SIM application toolkit Supply voltage range: 4.8V 3.1... Low power consumption: 1.5mA (sleep mode) Operation temperature: -40 C to +85 ° C °
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