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good quality high speed zk f19 biometric fingerprint access control system standalone fingerprint door access controller reader купить по лучшей цене

F7 is a professional complete biometric identification device for both Access Control and staff Attendance Time Clock. This new good quality biometric console used for access control and employee attendance management.It can work either as standalone or by connecting to a computer PC (Windows).You don't have to attach it to a computer in order to use itset it up or program it.It can support access control.You can set the door to open at different time and by certain number of people. It will raise an alarm when someone tries to destroy it or wrongly close/open the door that violates the pre-programmed instructions in the console.It supports TCP/IP communication interface to connect to a computer PC.Will also connect to your router/switches/etcso that any computer with privileged password can remotely change the setting in the console It takes for access control with ZK Software biometric reader that offer the flexibility to be installed standalone or with any third party panel that supports 26-bit Wiegand.Fastreliable performance combined with affordability gives ZK readers the competitive edge.Each reader has the capacity to store up to 2200 fingerprint templates and 50000 transactions.Enrolling users is fast and easy since most of our readers have a user-friendly keypad and display. Managing our readers is also simple.All our readers are easily accessed through a TCP/IP or serial port with the ability to automatically update and synchronize when networked together It is a widely used Access Control in the office/home.Choosing a lot of stable original partsstrictly follow the International security product standard.In one wordF7 is suitable for the entrances and exits of officefactoryhotelschooletc Fingerprint Capacity 500 templates Transaction Capacity 30000 Sensor Optical Sensor Algorithm Version Finger v9.0 Communication RS232/485 TCP/IP Standard Functions SMSDLST Optional Functions Web server Work code 9 digit user ID Self-Service Query Automatic Status Switch Soap printer Access Control Interface for 3rd party electric lock door sensor exit button alarm Door Bell Wiegand Signal Output Display B&W LCD Screen Power Supply 12V DC Operating Temperature 0 °C- 45 °C Operating Humidity 20%-80%
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