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glucosamine for dogs hip and joint supplement for maximum mobility pain relief and joint health for dogs all natural liquid glucosamine chondroitin купить по лучшей цене

Millions suffer from joint or back injuries and live with chronic pain. But relief is possible, and Dr Joseph Valdez can show them how to achieve it. By carefully analysing a wide range of treatment options and focusing on prolotherapy, this book offers hope for permanent healing. For many people with soft tissue injuries (eg: ligament and tendon injuries), the best solution is prolotherapy, a series of drug free injections into and around injured joints to stimulate the bodys natural healing response and repair and strengthen tendons and ligaments. Dr Valdez explains prolotherapy in detail and also discusses other modern, safe, and effective treatments that have helped thousands of patients live pain free lives. With a sympathetic tone and a conversational style well-suited to the layperson, the book guides readers through the process of understanding their bodies, their injuries, their pain, and their treatment options, including physical therapy, acupuncture, massage therapy, platelet-rich plasma injections, surgery, and others. With its balanced, integrative approach, this book will tap into the massive audience of those who wish to explore the most promising new therapies in their search for true healing and lasting relief from chronic pain.
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