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Description: This Novelty Vampire Wine Glass is made of Borosilicate glass,safe, healthy, lead-free. Borosilicate glass is a new environmentally friendly, disposable expensive glass material that can not be recycled. Without any radioactive metal, is so far the only environmental safety glass that can be applied to scientific experiments. The structural properties of borosilicate glass is nonporous which can maximumly keep the flavor of your wine and drink. Features & details: Capacity: 300ml Color: Clear Material: Borosilicate Glass Glass height: 12cm/ 4.7inch Glass opening diameter: 5.5cm/ 2.2inch Package included: 1X Novelty Vampire Wine Glass Kind Note: The greatest feature of high borosilicate glass is thin, hard and lead-free. This lightweight feeling is due to its swelling and heat transfer performance, an excellent performance.NOT shoddy work.
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