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Questions of identity continue to intrigue theologians in Africa, and African intellectuals often note communal emphases in African thought. This raises the question, How do ecclesiologies in Africa engage with identity concerns, and how do they envision the Christian identity? Stephanie Lowery argues in this book that theologians in Africa provide theological and biblical arguments regarding Christian identity that are relevant to individual Christians and ecclesiologies in all contexts. She also proposes the social identity approach as a tool that can both further articulate and advance these discussions. ""Drawing from her exposure to African Christianity and expertise in African theology, Lowery has produced an accessible and insightful work that discusses in a distinctive manner the relationship between identity and church as imagined in the works of some key African theologians. Identity and Ecclesiology makes a substantive contribution to the growing literature on contemporary African Christianity and African ecclesiology.""--Victor I. Ezigbo, Professor and Chair of Biblical and Theological Studies, Bethel University ""Stephanie A. Lowery's Identity and Ecclesiology is a brilliant, fascinating, and ground-breaking analysis of the historical trajectory, major themes, and prominent architects of the theological self-understanding of the community called church in Africa. An essential resource for scholars and students looking for fresh insight...
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