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User Manual: The Prusa i3 (iteration 3) is the newest and current 3D Printer design by RepRap Core Developer Prusajr. The i3 incorporates lessons learned from the previous two Prusa designs as well as other popular modern RepRap designs. See also Prusa Mendel I2 (iteration 2). Features: 1. Structure is more simple: Architecture is concise means fast assembly and adjustment easy. Prusa Mendel I2 generally need to spend a lot of time to installation and debugging it needs at least two days a DIYer to assembled and only 30% of the original time to I3 the follow-up maintenance work can also be reduced a lot. 2. Stable and Reliable: we carried on the redesign to the stability of the original machine don't have to worry about printing must debug the machine for a while. 3. Accuracy: the Z axis adopts the lead shorter stud x y axis adopt new synchronous belt structure more accurate positioning. Printed edge is very neat. 4. Generality: This machine can use all of the ABS/PLA consumables on the market 1.75 mm / 3 mm of material can be used. 5. Larger printing space of Z axis 200 * 180 * 200mm print area. 6. Improved synchronization belt helps with more precise positionsmooth edge of printed parts. 7. Enhanced frame rigidity (prevents x backlash).
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