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Designed for a better wireless gaming experience, this Bluetooth G4 gamepad is compatible with multiple platforms including Android, iOS and PC. What's more, the built-in adjustable vibration motor for better gaming experience. The GAMESIR is a multi-platform powerhouse device with one of is many talents is it;s ability to connect with android smartphones, tablets & IOS. A built-in adjustable vibration motor has been put into the GAMESIR to ensure real life gaming experience. The large 800mAh capacity battery will deliver up to 10 hours of continuous gaming time at a high performance mode and a total of 30 hours at a low performance mode. An embedded phone bracket has been designed to smartphones and enables you to play games directly from your device. Features Double connection modes including Bluetooth and wired connection. Compatible with Windows PC, Android devices and iOS devices. High performance 48MHz 32bit processor and 64Kbit RAM for better operation. Adopting Bluetooth 4.0, this gamepad is also compatible with Bluetooth 3.0 and 2.1. Embed phone bracket designed for smart phone holds comes two optional angle of 110° and 150°. Built-in adjustable vibration motor for better gaming experience. 800mAh large capacity battery delivers 10 hours of gaming time at high performance mode and 30 hours at low performance mode. LED indicator lights show the real-time battery status. Specifications Brand GAMESIR Model G4 Suitable Platform Android/iOS/PC Connection Bluetooth/Wire Working Mode Android standard/GCM/Xinput/Dinput Battery Capacity 800mAh Charging Voltage 3.7V-5.2V Charging Current 1A-2A Working Temperature -20°C-65°C Working Humidity 20%-80% Product Size 155 x 102 x 65.5 mm Package Size 178 x 128 x 89 mm Package Contents 1 x Gamepad, 1 x Data Cable, 1 x User Manual
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