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The present work relates to the design of a new impeller type vertical axis wind turbine, which is uses wind energy more effectively. This design presents a special frame design with vanes. The frame of the rotor wind turbine is designed to increase the output of a wind turbine that uses kinetic energy of the wind. In the present work the model of the rotor three frame movable vane cavity shape are fabricated and tested in a wind tunnel and CFD software.The vanes are located on vertical bars installed in hinges of the frames. Such a design enables the rotation of the bars with frames under the action of wind force simultaneously at one direction and independently at other directions. The frames are connected with the shaft, which one end is connected with the electric generator. The frames are designed with angular inclinations of vanes that create cavities when vanes are closed. On the other side of the impeller, when the movable vanes are open, and the frame is under wind action,the air passes freely through the frame, and decreases the negative torque. In the model using cavity shaped vanes, with 45?vane angle.
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