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Outdoor medium speed IP dome camera; Video compression format: H.264/JPEG; Adopt 1 Megapixel CMOS sensor support resolution: 720P (1280 x 720) (640 x 480) / (320 x 240); Support dual-stream (H.264 / M-JPEG) the image is more clear and fluent support local remote cross-regional viewing; 4~9mm zoom Lens 15~20m night vision distance; Outdoor PTZ Dome IP camera; Zoom function; Support the IR-CUT which is infrared light automatically switching function the color of objects without distortion color cast when viewing; Support Wi-Fi function; Support UPNP(plug and play) function; Support IR LED for night viewing 15~20 meters' distance 24-hour uninterrupted monitoring; Built-in PTZ rotating function horizontal (355 degrees) / vertical (90 degrees) adjustable speed 15~70 degree / sec.; Support Android Apple mobile phone client software (H.264 format the image is more fluent); Support remote viewing video can be recorded through a network connection; Adopt multi-level user management and password management; Support TCP/IP HTTP SMTP RTSP FTP DHCP DDNS NTP protocols; Support motion detection alarm function support for external input output alarm support email alarm and FTP upload; Adopt TCP/IP protocol and built-in Web Sever; Support 14916253664 channel video viewing support record alarm remote playback records and other management functions; Free centralized monitoring software provided by manufacturer; Support multi-screen long-time recording and video playback
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