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Precision, accuracy, working at lightening speed; are the demand of 21st century; that's why visionary scholars predicted Robotics is the next wave. This book teaches the basic concept of Robotics, Controls, Algorithm development from very basic Autonomous Navigation in the structured environment to highly complexed unstructured environment in easy to understand steps. It presents various approaches for Autonomous Navigation of Mobile Robot PeopleBOT using built in software ARNL, SONARNL, Mobile EYES; color tracking and following using ACTS along with development and implementation of various Algos. AI based the Shortest Path Planing Algo. for complex structured environment; Algo. for Autonomous Localization & Navigation of PeopleBOT using Fuzzy Logic in unstructured environment and TouringBOT Algo. being developed & discussed; steps to test credibility of all approaches using MobileSIM is demonstrated, along with experimental results. It is believing that proposed approaches, methods and description could be applied on any Mobile Robot, for utilizing as assistant of human in communicating messages, following pattern, traversing & moving objects from here to there effectively.

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