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This Flytec 2152B RC Stunt Car is ideal for your children. Easily goes backward and forward, steers left and right, even 360 degrees roll by remote control, and it'll be the best playmate of your children. 360 Degrees Rolling Feature Function RC control to go backward and forward, turn left and right, and also 360 degrees rolling, which will add more fun! Enjoy yourself! Powerful High-speed Motor Reliable performance! Ensure to run more smoothly. Built-in Rechargeable Battery Directly recharged by remote controller, convenient and eco-friendly. Mini Size Perfectly suitable for both indoor and outdoor control. Remote Control Supporting a range of remote control about 8-10 meters. RC Frequency 27MHz wireless radio frequency control, more efficient and convenient. Superior Material Delicately crafted with premium ABS, durable and attractive. Specifications Brand Flytec Model 2152B Material ABS State of Assembly Ready-to-Go Control Channels 2 Channels Charging Voltage 2.4V RC Frequency 27MHz Suitable Ages Above 8 Years old RC Distance About 8-10m Charging Time About 4-6mins Working Time About 6-8mins Battery 2.4V 40mAh Li-ion (included) Remote Controller Battery 4 x 1.5V AA batteries (not include) Color Red/Yellow Product Size 7 x 6 x 5.5 cm Package Contents1x Flytec 2152B RC Stunt Car 1x Transmitter with Battery Charger 1x 2.4V 40mAh Li-ion Battery 1x User Manual
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