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Simple Type Small Saxophone Mini Alto Pocket Saxophone Description: Name: Little Sax Model Number: A4102 | Key-C Tone: C Body Material: ABS resin Surface Material: ABS resin Head Material: ABS resin Length: 391~406mm Color: black white Features: 1) LittleSax - Little Sax. It is a simple type of saxophone. It sounds between saxophone and the clarinet. It is a very compact and portable instrument. It is a very convenient instrument that offers a moderate volume as well as a sexy charm. 2) LittleSax mouthpiece can be used directly on the Alto saxophone. In other words, the mouthpiece on LittleSax and saxophone are the same and therefore, the LittleSax and saxophone have the same "source" of sound. Because of this, the method of playing through the mouth require mutual generic skills. 3) The mouthpiece of LittleSax and the tube body can be disassembled and the instrument's pitch can be micro-adjusted, providing convenient and orchestra or ensemble accompaniment music. 4) LittleSax has a very clever sound hole design. LittleSax is designed that the right pinkie control two holes, the C note and B note (C note goes down a semitone). Another enhancement is the increased right thumb control of the #F note. Compared to other non-key instruments such as the clarinet, Xaphoon, Tupian, and 49flute,etc.. The two aforementioned new improvement not only expanded the musical range, but also created a convenient non-key instrument. Package included: 1 x Little Sax 2 x Reed 1 x Bag Manual: Click here

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