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Many successful online marketers started out flat broke. Really, they literally did not have a lot of money to build a business when they began. But, that didn't stop them from building their dream. So, if you're broke and want to start your own business, don't let your lack of money stop you. Many online success stories are built from zero. Not having money was a good thing for them because it got them creative. With very little resources to go by, they looked for free ways to grow the business. The good thing is, the internet is the most inexpensive business in the world. Most online tools are free to use. You can build a website using free tutorials. There are free products that give marketing training at no cost. And yes, there are free ways to get traffic to your website without spending money on advertising. You can get unlimited free website traffic if you can figure out the online techniques to get you found and then to put them all together so you get a steady flow of visitors to your site day in and day out. This book will teach you powerful strategies to get unlimited traffic to your site at no cost. They will take time and much effort, but for powerful and proven techniques that don't require money upfront, you're getting a pretty good deal.
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