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More information than any other travel guide to Rhodes!The 'A to Z' series are the only travel guides to combine the printed book with the full power of the Internet, keeping you informed before, during and after your holiday on Rhodes.The 222 page book is a complete guide on all there is to see and do on and near Rhodes in 2019.Purchase of the 2019 'A to Z Guide to Rhodes, including Symi' also entitles you to FREE membership of the 'A to Z Travel Club', hosted on our website (, which offers the following benefits totally free:- The latest daily tourist news from the island, so you don't miss anything News on upcoming events, from mainstream to classical concerts and from beach parties to traditional festivals Over 90 high quality 2D and 3D photographs, videos, panoramas and webcams Discount at businesses on Rhodes, including hotels, restaurants, car hire and entertainment (only available with the 2019 edition) Insider tips Holiday and travel information Real time and 9 day weather forecasts FREE e-mail Newsletters informing you of any critical news Comprehensive information covering a vast selection of subjects to help you have a problem free and exciting holiday ...and much, much morePlease visit our website for full details of the book and 'Travel Club'
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