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инвестиции в малый бизнес 728x90
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DVD-ROM содержит следующие треки: 1. Pure Imagination (From Charlie And The Chocolate Factory) 2. Old Devil Moon (From Finian's Rainbow) 3. Finishing The Hat (From Sunday In The Park With George) 4. Try To Remember (From The Fantasticks) 5. What I Did For Love (From A Chorus Line) 6. Bring Him Home (From Les Miserables) 7. All I Ask Of You (From The Phantom Of The Opera) - Duet With Kelly Clarkson8. Children Will Listen / Not While I'm Around (From Into The Woods / Sweeney Todd) 9. Anthem (From Chess) 10. If I Loved You (From Carousel) - Duet With Audra Mcdonald11. Unusual Way (From Nine) 12. Le Temps Des Cathedrales (From Notre-Dame De Paris) 13. Over The Rainbow (From The Wizard Of Oz) 14. Empty Chairs At Empty Tables (From Les Miserable) 15. You'll Never Walk Alone (From Carousel) 16. Bonus Material: Back Stages
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