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With this digital meat thermometer, you can easily know whether the meat is ready or not. It will monitor the accurate temperature and display it. This meat thermometer is your perfect assistant in cooking your meat at favorite taste no matter you are indoor cooking or outdoor grilling. Features With clear LCD display, show you the temperature in Fahrenheit or Celsius. 5 meat type settings: beef, lamb, pork, chicken and turkey. 4 meat taste settings for your choice: welldone, medium, medium rare and rare. Instant reading design gives you fast and accurate food temperature in 8-10 seconds after insertion. Long fork and easy-grip handle keep your hands safely away from the grill or fire and prevent your hands from burning. Frosted buttons bring you comfortable hand feel. An ideal tool for barbecue, grilling, cooking in the kitchen, oven baking and etc. Specifications Model CH-205 Material ABS body, 304 stainless steel probe Measuring Range 0℃-100℃(32°F-212°F) Temperature Measurement Accuracy±1℃ Battery 2 x AA battery(not included) Product Size430mm length(total), 125mm(probe length) Package Contents 1 x Digital Meat Thermometer
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