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The QZSD Q570 Portable Travel Tripod is an aluminum tripod, which crafted with pure aluminum alloy for lightweight and sturdy applications. Great for sports, nature, mountaineering and general outdoor photography where weight and compactness are of paramount importance. The tripod features 180 degree foldable design, allowing you to easily pack it in your backpack. Comes with inverted micro photography design, providing you a wider view angle. Convenient plate buckling leg lock system for easy open and close. It is a multifunctional tripod which can also be used as monopod and alpenstock. Aluminum Alloy Material Makes it lightweight yet sturdy. 180 Degree Foldable Design Makes it portable and easily packed in your backpack. Inverted Micro Photography Broaden your range of vision, and enables you to capture things up close. Multifunctional Tripod Can be also used as a monopod for photographing, and an alpenstock for hiking. Plate Buckling Leg Lock System Easy to open or close. Rubber Pad Non-slip, ensures a firm and stable usage. Specifications Brand QZSD Model Q570 Material Aluminum alloy Section 4 Head Type Ball head Standard Load Capacity 5 kg Max. Load Capacity 8 kg Folded Length 35 cm Monopod Height 142 cm Ball Head Diameter 30 mm Max. Tube Diameter 24 mm Product Weight 1.25 kg Product Size 10 x 10 x 35 cm Package Weight 1.5 kg Package Size 13 x 13 x 38 cm Package Contents 1 x QZSD Q570 Tripod1 x Waist Bag1 x Carrying Bag
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