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fms 70mm 12 blades ducted fan edf with 2845 kv2750 motor for rc airplane купить по лучшей цене

HSD Tornado 75 Sports Jet 1100mm Wingspan 6S EDF PNP Flight at Lisaili Airfield: Description: The Tornado 75 takes plug and fly EDF's to a whole new level, creating a robust airframe that suits all levels of pilot. The Tornado 75 literally flies like it is on rails, wherever you point it, it will go. Couple this with a wide flight envelope, this model will suit a first time EDF pilot, yet at the same time keep a smile on the face of the most experienced turbine pilot. The design is simple and fast to assemble. No glue. The moulded EPO airframe ingeniously clips and screws together, and with plugin wings will have you up and flying within a matter of minutes. The Tornado 75 features a large clip in canopy offering easy access to your radio gear and battery. Although the Tornado is supplied with fixed landing gear, optimal performance is obtained by hand launching, as the model can be gracefully belly landed on any grass runway. Coupled with the 60A ESC, the 3060 2000KV motor and fan unit makes light work of throttling this performance model through the air. Inverted, knife-edge, split S, snaps and rolls, the Tornado 75 works easily through these precision aerobatic manoeuvres; and best of all, unlike most EDF's that have flight times of 5 minutes or less, the Tornado's unique aerodynamics allow for flight times of 10 minutes plus. This does not necessarily mean you'll need less batteries, because the Tornado is so addictive, you'll want to fly it all day long. Specification: General Brand Name: HSD Item Name: Tornado 75 Material: EPO Electronic Devices Servo: 6x 9g metal shell and digital servo Motor: 3060-2000KV brushless outrunner ESC: 60A Pro brushless Battery: 22.2V 3000mAh (Not included) Radio System: 2.4G 4CH (Not included) Others Approx. Flying Duration: 10 min Minimum Age Recommendation: 14+ Experience Level: All levels Recommended Environment: Outdoor Is Assembly Required: Yes Dimension and Weight Wingspan: 1100mm Overall Length: 969mm Flying Weight: 1450g Weight(With Package): 3.6kg Features: Vibrant blue and silver graphics Powerful 6S EDF system pre-installed Pre-installed pushrods and horns Full 4-channel control Super-fast plug and fly - simply add your own battery and radio system Required Parts Sold On Our Site (Not Included): 2.4G 6CH Radio System,Click Here Lipo Battery Charger,Click Here Note: This is the PNP version,not included the transmitter,receiver,battery and charger. Package Included: 1x HSD Tornado 75 RC Airplane PNP
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