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Thoroughly researched and updated, the eleventh edition of The Rough Guide toBerlin is the ultimate travel guide to one of Europe's most dynamic, restless andever-changing cities. Blending stunning photography with full-colour maps andmore listings and information than ever before, The Rough Guide to Berlin offerspractical advice on all the best things to see and do in Berlin - from iconic sightssuch as the Reichstag, Brandenburg Gate and the world-class museums ofMuseum Island to expanded coverage of the latest places to go in up-andcomingneighbourhoods like Neukolln and Wedding. With comprehensive,reliable reviews of all the best hotels, bars, clubs, shops, galleries andrestaurants for all budgets, plus itineraries and Top 5s and a wealth ofbackground information, The Rough Guide to Berlin is all you need - whetherplanning or on the ground - to make the most of your trip.

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