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feiyu vimble 2 vimble2 smartphone 3 axis handheld gimbal stabilizer for iphone x gopro hero sjcam cam xiaomi pk zhiyun smooth q купить по лучшей цене

Video The v 2000mA USB output allows you create footage without the worry of draining your phone's battery as the Zhiyun will charge your smartphone while shooting footage. Use the Zhiyun Smooth-Q gimbal to capture smooth handheld footage with your smartphone. This gimbal features a maximum load capacity of 220g. The battery offers an impressive 12 hours of run time. The ZY Play app can be used to remotely control your smartphone and to upgrade the gimbal's firmware. With the newly optimized fifth generation instune algorithms and the advanced electronic stabilizing system combined creates a 40% wider torque range and a 30% faster response rate. For up to 220g smartphones Support up to 6 inch smartphones without the need of counterweights. Impressive long run time Up to an impressive 12 hours of run time provided by the high-capacity lithium-ion battery. Portable power solution for your phone 5V 2000mA USB output allows to charge your smartphone while shooting. Powerful App Uses the Zhiyun-Tech ZY Play app to control your smartphone and to upgrade the gimbal's firmware. 3 working modes available Face-tracking, panoramic, and time-lapse modes. Zoom control switch Real-time focus adjustment via the innovative switch on the operation panel. A quick vertical/horizontal switch Easy to switch between vertical shooting mode and horizontal shooting mode. 1/4"-20 mounting thread on bottom Means you can just attach it to any tripod or light-stand for taking videos and time-lapses. Newly optimized stablizing system The fifth generation Instune Algorithms combined with world's advanced electronic stabilizing system. 40 percent wider torque range, 30 percent faster response rate. Specifications Brand Zhiyun Model Smooth Q FPV Equipments Gimbal Camera Gimbals Brushless Gimbals Functions Video Type 3 Axis Compatible Camera smartphone (not more than 6.0 inch); GoPro 3/4/5 Max Payload 220g Waterproof No Input Voltage 6.8V-12.6V Working Current 80mA-6000mA Run Time 12 hours (in balance) Charge Time 2 hours Range of Motion pitch: 320 degree; roll: 270 degree; pan: 360 degree Controllable Range pitch: -135 to 185 degrees; roll: -30 to 30 degrees; pan: 360 degrees App Download Google Play, App Store System Requirement Android 4.3 or later, iOS 8.0 or later Product Weight 450g (excluding battery) Product Size 11.80 x 10.50 x 28.50 cm Package Contents 1 x Gimbal, 1 x Micro USB Cable, 1 x Strap, 1 x Protection Cover
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