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fdj high clear handheld reading 8x magnifier black transparent купить по лучшей цене

Application range: offices homes printing hospitals stamps collecting schools machinery jewellery appraisal etc.; Features: 1. Black alternating with white the main body design is novel simple and exquisite presenting a new appearance for people; 2. Independent high-magnification jewellery magnifier can be used to appraise smaller objects; 3. Independent lighting design for the large and small lens of 8 LED lights can ensure better lighting effect for the visual field of large and small lens being more convenient; 4. Independent triangular overlapped battery compartment design is compact makes it easier for replacing batteries; Push battery cover slightly to open battery replacement and close battery compartment after battery replacement is finished with beautiful appearance convenience and practicability; 5. Switch button adopting elastic material can ensure comfortable operation 6. Designed with UV Counterfeit detector powful functionality.
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