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fast heat hair crimper electric corn plate hair straightener professional straightening corrugated iron styling tools купить по лучшей цене

Operating Instructions Start up: 1. Plug the straightener into a suitable electrical outlet and switch the hair straightener on. 2. For flat irons with heat controls you can choose a suitable temperature setting by press the increase or decrease button or adjust the temperature knob. When using for the first time begin with the LOWEST setting. 3. Wait for iron to heat up. It takes approximately 30 to 60 seconds to heat up. For optimum styling temperature allow iron to heat for 2-3 minutes before using. Helpful Styling Hints: 1. Hair should be clean and dried completely before using any styling tool. 2. Separate a 1-inch section of hair gently place hair between the smoothing plates and clamp the straightener down firmly on the hair. You will achieve professional results if you work from the scalp to the ends of your hair. 3. Carefully slide the iron along the isolated section making sure the hair is heated and straightened all the way to the ends. The ends will probably require less heat than the hair which grows closer to the scalp. 4. For best results hold end of hair while smoothing the hair section. 5. To create flips or curls use rounded edge of irons straightening plates to curl ends out or under. 6. To remove hair from the straightener release pressure and allow the hair to gently slip out from the smoothing plates. 7. The smoothing process does not require overlapping; separate each section of hair and work on it as indicated above. 8. Allow hair to cool before combing or brushing. 9. Repeat the process until you have achieved the look you desire. 10. When styling is complete press the power button to turn off. Unplug the appliance and allow it to cool before storing. * IMPORTANT: During the first few minutes of initial use you may notice smoke and a slight odor. You may also hear a humming noise during use. This is normal and is not a cause for concern.
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