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f08562 hubsan x4 h107d 2 4g quadrocopter 4 axis rc aircraft rtf with aerial camera video recording helicopter купить по лучшей цене

Hubsan H301S FPV SPY HAWK 5.8G 4CH RC Airplane RTF With GPS Module Customer Review: http://www.rcgroups.com/forums/showthread.php?t=2516703 Video Review of Customer: Unboxing: Flight Review: Wonderful H301S Journey: Amazing H301S New Distance Record of 3.3km from Arxangel: Description: Brand Name: Hubsan Item NO.: H301S Item Name: SPY HAWK Wing Span: 1000mm/39.37in Overall Length: 750mm/29.5in Fuselage Height: 200mm/7.87in Flying Weight: 355g Flying time: 20-30 mins Motor: 1812 Brushless, KV3200 Battery: 7.4V 1300mAh ESC: 12A Brushless Servo: 3.7g4 LED Lights: Red LED 1 pcs, Green LED 1pcs Transmitter:2.4Ghz 4 Channels vs 3.5"LCD Monitor Video+Audio: 5.8Ghz Transmission Camera: camera included Resolution: 1920*1080 FOV: 120 wide Angle Video Recording module Live Video Distance:1000 meters Auto-pilot module GPS & RTH System Memory Card: Micro SDHC class6 2G-32G Excluded Features: With High resolution camera(1920*1080) Flight time up to 30 minutes With automactic return function If the aircraft strays beyond radio range, the aircraft will autonomously return to the take-off location. With GPS flight control system, providing more accurate flight and position hold capabilities Collected 2.4Ggz control system with 5.8G image transmission function OSD module included Hubsan Video Goggles (Optional) Spare Parts For H301S, Click Here English Manual Click Here Package Inlcuded: 1 x Hubsan H301S FPV SPY HAWK RC Airplane 1 x Transmitter
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