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Mia Carmichael is anything but ordinary. At the ripe age of 17, she had more arrests on her rap sheet then there was birds in Central Park on a Sunday. She had been to more schools then it was even humanly possible to be expelled from. Location wasn't even an optional problem. She had been to boarding schools after boarding school. No matter how much her parents donated to the cause. She's a multi-colored girl living in a world of black and white. Having been thrown out of the last possible school, which made that high school number ten. That was just the "high" schools she had been expelled from. We weren't even factoring in her former youth. Her rebellious tendency's get her into more trouble than the trouble is even worth. Being caught, again at school with something she shouldn't have done. Arrested and sent to court, Mia is shipped off by her mother, for the summer from her overly luxurious Manhattan Loft. To a dusty North West Texas Ranch.

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