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The aim and objective of this investigation is to explore,on a preliminary basis,the psychological and social effects on a sample of women following disclosure of their positive HIV diagnosis.The study was conducted in KwaZulu-Natal,SA. A convenience sampling approach was used to collect the sample.Inclusion criteria included female, older than 18,with a positive HIV status.Participants''disclosure of a positive HIV status was a key inclusion criterion.Semi-structured interviews were used in the collection of data.The themes in the transcripts as well as from the literature review were utilized as a guide.The results of this study suggest that there are various factors that influence whether disclosure of a positive HIV diagnosis takes place,largely based on the initial adjustment to the positive HIV diagnosis,the individual''s socio-cultural context and the weighing of potential reactions (whether positive or negative) that disclosing a positive HIV diagnosis can induce.The psychological effects of disclosing a positive HIV diagnosis that were identified in this study were anger, fear of stigma/discrimination, shock and disbelief and a false sense of acceptance of the diagnosis.
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